Are You Planning to Go for Rishikesh and Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand? Here is a Travel Guide You Should Read

Uttarakhand is a place of God where you can feel god’s presence all the time. Uttarakhand is also known as “Devbhoomi”. Rishikesh is the most valuable spiritual spot in Uttarakhand, it is known for birth place of yoga. Rishikesh is a popular place to meditate and yoga. Chardham Yatra has named by collectively adding the four holy shrines of Hindus: Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, all of these temples are situated in Uttarakhand state.

Have you started packaging? Here is a travel guide, which helps you while reaching, traveling and returning from Uttarakhand.

What is the best season to visit?

Before getting prepared you must know what is the best season for undertaking Yatra. Pilgrims are mostly preferred to go when the Yatra season begins. The sacred Yatra begins from April – May and it still be opened till Diwali. Yatra remains closed in winter season due to the extreme climate.

Avoid traveling on rainy seasons which can be in the months of July and August. September is the ideal month to travel as it comes after rainy season. You can enjoy the pleasant scenery during September.

How to choose the best travel package?

Rishikesh and Chardham Yatra in Uttarakhand is the most popular pilgrimage spot and the best place to find god. As the place is so popular many tour coordinators offer best package in affordable price. So, before booking with one do proper research for the best offers. If it is new to you, having an assistance of your relatives, friends or tour operator is must. Choosing a tour operator who is already offered you a reliable package and make sure your package includes accommodation, food, transportation and other facilities.
Why physical fitness matters?
Because, traveling to these two spots need lots of energy and stamina physical fitness is so important to complete the tour. People who are suffering from asthma, Blood pressure, heart diseases and aerophobia must consider avoiding the journey. If the person is too old or crossed some age he or she should take a proper medical checkup regarding physical fitness to make up the travel. Always carry a first aid box containing band-aids, balms, thermometer, cold cream, bandages, ointment and medicines with you.
Get an update about weather status often
Most of the shrines in Uttarakhand are placed in higher altitudes, so the chances of extreme climate changes are high. Stay updated with the weather changes through getting details from your guide or via online.
Other tips to follow during the journey
  • It is important to remove your shoes and cover your head with a napkin or a clean cloth while visiting shrines.
  • If you choose to travel during winter seasons, carry warm clothes.
  • Make sure the things on your check list such as raincoat, blanket, muffler, torch and canvas shoes are taken.
  • Include chocolates, dry fruits, and glucose to your packing as they can give you instant energy and help you while traveling.
  • It is recommended not to carry items like jewelries, debit/credit card or any other precious items with you. Leave them in the hotel itself.
  • Before enter into the temple you should know some traditions and sentiments that the temple has been following for long, for instance, it is prohibited to taking selfies with in the temple premises.
  • Drink hygienic water and try to find packaged or boiled water.
  • Always prefer to go along with people and friends. In case of any emergencies or any difficulties you face, they might assist you for guidance.
  • Make sure the costume you’ve chosen to wear is comfortable for walking and traveling. Women must avoid sarees as they can make you uncomfortable for taking steps forward.